Custom Made Shirts

While custom was once perceived as the only fit for gentlemen with a 19-inch neck and a 37-inch sleeve, this is no longer the case. The new customer is the gentleman who is simply frustrated with his off the shelf fit which is usually a result of a limited size selection, excess cloth in unwanted areas and continual shrinkage of the collar and cuffs.

McM Clothing offers an exceptionally fine selection of exquisite fabrics from Cambridge Oxford to Super 140's Sea Island cotton. Incorporating 3rd generation single needle tailoring, hand set pockets and double reinforced seams, your custom shirt wardrobe will certainly be worthy of excitement and pride.


McMahan's Sartoriale and McM Apparel Group are a culmination of both formal education and 15 plus years of serving within the retail, buying, and manufacturing sectors of the industry. That experience has placed McMahan's as a leading maker and provider of Hand-Made garments worn throughout North America and Europe; one garment at a time. Read More

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Address: 4067 Sandy Branch Drive
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