Custom Made Suits

While made-to-measure or semi-custom garments have become the norm through implementing mass production techniques, our craftsmen painstakingly cut, trim and stitch our garments by hand but only after first creating and hand drawing a pattern for each and every client. This pattern is then kept on file for all future purchases. Our partnerships with Dormeuil, Loro Piana and other fabric mills around the world allows for exclusive pricing ensuring you the finest tailored suit with unyielding pricing. Still today McMahan's offers the best hand-made value in the industry.

Comfortably refined and versatile in styling, McM offers a tasteful alternative of premium fabrics and fine lining to enhance their quality, construction, and design. Offered in the largest array of sizes tailored to fit any desired looking style and frame with ease. These rich fabrics are noteworthy for their tailoring performance and superb ability to meet the exact demands of executives who appreciate luxury and style.


McMahan's Sartoriale and McM Apparel Group are a culmination of both formal education and 15 plus years of serving within the retail, buying, and manufacturing sectors of the industry. That experience has placed McMahan's as a leading maker and provider of Hand-Made garments worn throughout North America and Europe; one garment at a time. Read More

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