Our Process

Each and every coat, trouser and vest begin with a hand-drawn pattern created specifically for you. Correctly aligned with the paper pattern your selected fabric is then hand cut. Upon completion, our Master Tailors begin to invest hours to complete what is known as the best and very rare in custom clothing; a Hand-Sewn garment.

Full Canvas

The primary detail looked at when determining the quality of a garment is the hand stitched application of the full canvas lining, which comes standard on every suit coat and sport jacket. In the tailoring of a suit, the inner lining is the most important element in giving shape and body to the garment. After the bridle is marked, basted and pressed it is time to lock the cotton bridle into place. Much like padding the lapel, we use a herringbone like pattern of stitches that penetrates the bridle, canvas and coat front together to hold these three components together.

Nothing feels as comfortable - Nothing lasts as long as a Hand-Made suit. It will always breathe better, and allow more natural movement and drape because the hand sewn layers can move independently of one another. Regardless of excess moisture/humidity, heat or dry cleaning, the over 1000 stitches in the lapel alone ensure a full shape and natural roll. Fused or Half Canvas coats are just not able to perform to these standards. Additionally the hand set "Turn leaf Collar" allows the collar to lay more natural as well as making any last minute adjustments that are simply not possible with a Full Felt underlining. We then top off our lapel buttonhole with a Boutonniere loop for all your "flowered" occasions.

Surgeon Cuffs - Working Buttonholes

Stitching the button holes by hand is one of the details that is synonymous with the elegance and sophistication of a Hand-Sewn suit. Our buttonholes are sewn by hand and stitched over a gimp that is placed around the opening of the buttonhole. It results in a raised affect that provides a custom and masculine appearance.

Bemberg Linings

Bemberg linings are considered the finest in the world. These linings are more durable than blends and silk. With its smooth, gentle interface on the skin and fabrics, Bemberg has long been the preferred fiber for fine garment linings. This is why we suggest using the same fine lining for each sleeve.

Sweat Shields

In the underarm section of every McMahan jacket you will find a sweat shield, which, as its name implies, shields the suit from perspiration and odor. These can be made with coat fabric or Bemberg lining.


Each standard waistband is hand-stitched with a 2" interlining and 6 3/4" pleats. This allows for the waist band to expand and contract as one walks, sits and stand. This prevents rolling of any kind, relieving the pant and waistband of much stress, thus allowing for a longer lasting trouser. You may choose the inside to be a plain one piece, full (As Shown) or half snugtex.

Hidden Cash Pocket

You have no need to look any further for a safe place to keep the cash you saved! On the inside of your McMahan waistband you will find a hidden cash pocket perfect for traveling or if you should you find yourself on the wrong side of town.

True two-piece French Fly

Two separate pieces of fabric individually sewn. This allows extra support across the heaviest part of the stomach area for appearance and comfort. The hook and eye construction is performed with no more than a needle and thread. This allows both the hook and eye to have a subtle amount of give. This feature is realized after a business lunch where the slight give and ease provided by a hand set hook and eye provides the wearer with just a little extra comfort. The quality of the component is critical to the method. Nickel plated zippers are used and trimmed to each pant one by one. Our zippers are cut by the tailor to each pant one by one.

Hem & Heel Protector

Each standard trouser you'll find a cuff or plain bottom that is beautifully sewn by hand and immaculately finished with your name.


McMahan's Sartoriale and McM Apparel Group are a culmination of both formal education and 15 plus years of serving within the retail, buying, and manufacturing sectors of the industry. That experience has placed McMahan's as a leading maker and provider of Hand-Made garments worn throughout North America and Europe; one garment at a time. Read More

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