Always on Time

"Travis always delivers his product in a timely manner and stands behind his work. These two qualities alone make doing business with him a pleasure."
Raymer S.

Listens to What is Improtant to Me

"Travis is a pleasure to work with because he listens to what is important to me and pays attention to the details. When I work with Travis, the result is a combination of personal style, comfort and quality. I highly recommend working with him."
Dave C.

Best Fit

"Your shirts are the best fit that I have ever had."
Scott D.

Unique Fabrics, Great Feel

"Travis 'You're De Man' thanks for a great product and superb service!! Your fabrics are different - I just don't feel the same when I wear something else."
Bill R.

Convenience, Quality, Service

"Convenience, quality, and personalized service that can not be found in the retail stores! McMahan's made it possible for me to avoid shopping, the inconvenience of alterations and to enjoy the experience of fine clothing."
Jim W.

Exceptional Products and Service

"Once again your service and products are exceptional . . . neither any other Clothier or typical retail store have no where near what you have presented and sold me."
Dave Z.

Exceptional Clientele

"McMahan's is the official tailor for one of the fastest growing chambers in the United States for a reason."
Jim M.


McMahan's Sartoriale and McM Apparel Group are a culmination of both formal education and 15 plus years of serving within the retail, buying, and manufacturing sectors of the industry. That experience has placed McMahan's as a leading maker and provider of Hand-Made garments worn throughout North America and Europe; one garment at a time. Read More

Contact Us

Address: 4067 Sandy Branch Drive
                   Buford, GA 30519

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