All of the fabrics, Linings and Buttons are suitable for home care and meet industry standards for commercial laundering. Most of our clients use a commercial dry cleaner / shirt laundry. There are many factors involved in producing a quality-finished laundered custom shirt. For that reason, McMahan’s suggests Americas Best Cleaners for the care of this fine product.

McMahan’s in conjunction with Americas Best Cleaners offers the following in the event of accident or spill:

  1. If you get a stain do not wipe the stain, gently blot the stain with a clean a clean dry towel to remove any excess staining material.
  2. Using cold water and a clean towel, gently blot the stained area. Do not use club soda, salt, white wine or any other home remedy.
  3. If you wash the shirt at home be sure to check:
    • That all collar stays and cuff links are removed.
    • That the stain is completely removed before placing it in the dryer. The heat will set the remainder of the stain.
  4. It is advised to skip step 3 and take the garment to a certified affiliate of America’s Best Cleaners.
    • Be sure to inform the client services representative what type of stain it is and any products or remedies used on the stain.
    • Be sure to request hand finishing as a custom made shirt deserves no less and will add to the lifespan of the garment.
    • Pickup and enjoy a rejuvenated garment that looks just like new. For a location in your area please visit the Americas Best Cleaners website to find a qualified cleaner affiliate.