Full Canvas Garment

Nothing feels as comfortable – Nothing lasts as long as a Full Canvas Garment

While made to measure/semi-custom garments have become the norm through implementing mass production techniques, our craftsmen painstakingly cut, trim and stitch our garments individually by hand, machine or both depending on your selected level of construction.

What We Make

Along with our Exquisite accessories and gifts we make authentic Bench-Made men’s garments including suits, waistcoats, Sport Jackets, Tuxedo’s and Bespoke Shirts. Each and every standard coat, trouser and vest begin with a hand-drawn pattern created specifically for you. Correctly aligned with the paper pattern, your selected fabric is hand cut and prepared for our Master Tailors. They then invest hours to complete the very best and rare in the custom clothing industry; a Full Canvas Garment; never half canvas and never fused unless requested.

Full & Half Hand

The primary detail looked at when determining the quality of a garment is the hand-stitched application of the canvas lining, which is the process of every standard half hand and full hand-sewn suit/sports jacket. In the tailoring of a jacket, the inner lining is the most important element in giving shape and body to the garment. After the bridle is marked, basted and pressed it is time to lock the cotton bridle into place. Much like padding the lapel, we use a herringbone like pattern of stitches that penetrates the bridle, canvas and coat front together to hold these three components together.

Regardless of excess moisture/humidity, heat or dry cleaning, the 1000 plus stitches (must be seen if hand-sewn) in the lapel alone ensure a full shape and natural roll – Even once complete our handwork is visible, even to the most discriminating eye.

Breathes Better – Moves Better

Full Canvas garments will always breathe better, and allow more natural movement and drape because the hand sewn layers can move independently of one another. The more you wear your coat the more it will move with you and continue to mold to your body. Half Canvas and Fused jackets are just not able to perform to these standards.

Additionally the hand set “Turn leaf Collar” allows the collar to lay more natural as well as making any last minute adjustments that are simply not possible with a Full Felt underlining.

Not found on garments exceeding 3 times our costs… Reinforced by machine but then set by hand. We add these 7 layers of reinforced stitching to create a firm and shapely collar that will never roll for the life of the garment.

Bemberg Jacket Linings

Premium Grade 100% Cupro Bemberg lining is sewn in ALL Jackets and Sleeves. With a plethora of colors to choose from Bemberg is considered the finest in the world. Only Bemberg possesses moisture/odor wicking properties making these linings more durable than traditional blends and silk. With its smooth, gentle interface, this luxurious lining is appreciated at the moment your arm enters the sleeve. No other coat will glide on your body as one that is Hand-Sewn and lined with Bemberg.

Chest Pleats give extra comfort and inside movement without the actual coat having to move.

All Jackets are made with 2 inside Chest Pockets, a Pen/Cigar Pocket, and a lower Card pocket… eye glass pockets, a 2nd Card Pocket, cellular Phone Pocket, etc… can be made.

Surgeon Cuffs (Working Buttonholes)

Stitching the button holes by hand is one of the details that is synonymous with the elegance and sophistication of a Hand-Sewn suit. Our buttonholes are sewn by hand and stitched over a gimp that is placed around the opening of the buttonhole. It results in a raised affect that provides a custom and masculine appearance.


Non Curl Waistband, for additional comfort and a neat appearance. Each is hand-stitched with a 2” interlining and 6 ¾” pleats. This allows for the waist band to expand and contract as one walks, sits and stands which takes away the typical pressure/weight thus reducing wear and tear and increasing the life of the trouser.

Floating Pockets, Finished & “hammered” by hand or machine for reinforcement so pockets stay flat.

Lock Stitched ensure trousers will not rip at seams when stretched, Over Lapped – for longevity and neatness.

Belt Loops sewn right into the waistband, for extra strength and to ensure they won’t rip out.

Hidden Cash Pocket

While virtually unnoticeable, our tailors masterfully create a full size pocket that works in unison with the waistband. This functional pocket is perfect for your key fob, cash, credit cards, etc.

Some of the Largest makers of Made to Measure clothing are still not sure how to make such a clean, streamline and functional pocket.

Hem/Heel Protector

Each standard trouser you’ll find a cuff or plain bottom that is beautifully sewn by hand and immaculately finished with your name. This ensures fabric won’t fray with contact from shoes.

Although we do tailor to any and all of our clients’ needs, in order to best understand you, we prefer to have one-on-one appointments in order to be free of distraction.

Step 1

Get in Touch – Relax at our Private Showroom or We’ll come to you.

Step 2

Get to Know – A brief but in depth personal interview in regards to your particular fit and style details. Best colors and patterns for your build. Do you travel and prefer performance/technical fabrics? Where do you carry your phone and eyeglasses? Expeditiously take over 35 measurements.

Step 3

Select fabric from the most prominent mills.

Step 4

Personally Delivered – Because we believe that the genius is in the details, we want to see the clothing on you the first time you try it on. We look for fit details most people would never see, and if minor adjustments are in order, we will tell you, make the changes, and schedule a 2nd fitting in order to check our work again.