Similar to our suits, we begin with individually drafted patterns. Combining true hand-sewing and 3rd generation single needle tailoring, our shirts have satisfied the most discerning clients. A McMahan’s shirt is not only about the options of over 100 different collars or the 500 plus fabrics, but we craft patterns based on the entire balance of each client, ensuring the best fit available.

If fabric is most important to you, then you’re in good hands. Sourced from the prominent mills in Europe our Fabrics range from the most basic of 50×80 textures found in Oxford cloth to 200/2 x 200/2 in the finest broadcloths. These extremes in texture combined with all the variations of weave composition such as Jacquards, Dobby’s, Pinpoints, Satin, just to name a few; create a foundation of varied performance and expectations for our clients.

Although we do tailor to any and all of our clients’ needs, in order to best understand you, we prefer to have one-on-one appointments in order to be free of distraction.

Step 1

Get in Touch – Relax at our Private Showroom or We’ll come to you.

Step 2

Get to Know – A brief but in depth personal interview in regards to your particular fit and style details. Best colors and patterns for your build. Do you travel and prefer performance/technical fabrics? Where do you carry your phone and eyeglasses? Expeditiously take over 35 measurements.

Step 3

Select fabric from the most prominent mills.

Step 4

Personally Delivered – Because we believe that the genius is in the details, we want to see the clothing on you the first time you try it on. We look for fit details most people would never see, and if minor adjustments are in order, we will tell you, make the changes, and schedule a 2nd fitting in order to check our work again.